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Racism is deep down in our Hearts

We have all heard about the dark results of racism. We read about it in the news and books and talk about it on a daily basis. The question is, have those who believe they are far from being a racist actually got there? As a person living in Germany for quite some time now I have been thinking a lot about this particular question. Germany has always been known as a country with a dark history in racism. Their “race” or what they called at the time the “Herrenrasse” or the master race reminds us all of how our world could be looking like if things would go wrong. Lives were taken and families were torn apart as results of a racist ideology. So why did people follow this path and why are there still people following it and do all who believe are not racists actually not racists?

A few months ago I went to the movies at 12 a.m. I saw the movie “he’s back again” in a fully empty cinema hall. The movie falls into the category of comedy. As written in IMDB, the description of the movie is “Adolf Hitler wakes up to find himself in the 21st century. From there he pursues a career as a standup comedian.” It was a movie I enjoyed much but it developed a feeling of fear in me. In this film that is based on a novel with the same name, the cast have masterly shown what could lead to a Germany in the 20th century. Racism and the feeling of being superior to others is not something which is created because of an inhuman and power hungry leader. It is the people who create those leaders. Not the other way around. A man with no followers is not called a leader. Spoiling Alert (The film finishes with someone shooting Hitler with a handgun. The shooter turns around and sees Hitler again, unharmed. This is the climax of the story where Hitler tells the shooter that killing him cannot destroy him because he is just expressing what people have deep in their minds.)  The point of the story is the unimportance of Hitler himself. He is just a person who has the talent to speak up and gather the masses around himself with his charisma. In order to fight Racism, Fascism, Antisemitism etc. there is just one effective weapon and that would be a weapon aiming at people’s minds and ideas. It is one of the utmost difficult tasks we humans face but one thing is for sure, the weapon has never been developed. We have never been able to kill fascism nor weaken it. The world today and the political and social developments around us is an extraordinary example of a world full of racism. Politicians use racist comments in order to win people’s hearts and they are succeeding in doing so. I definitely will be covering what I think of today’s politicians in my future posts but this has to be said, politicians are smart people. They are not true racists themselves. You cannot be preoccupied with racist thoughts and still win elections here and there.

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