what is life all about

What is Life all about?

This is a question we all start asking ourselves the moment we are born. Trough our lifetime, we never understand the answer to this question. But at the end of the day we all have a kind of answer because that would be the reason why we are still alive and living our lives. So in this particular post let me tell you my understanding of this world and give you my answer to the question “What is life all about?”.

Looking at the cursor blinking for some moments before answering this question is like a poke to my understanding of life. The fact that I have to think about answering this question shows that in the core of my mind I don’t have an answer to the question. Maybe, it is all about passing time. Maybe I am actually not made to answer this question. When I think, what is it, that I desperately want from life, I really cannot say anything at all. Nothing is that important to me. Having a family? maybe. But that is the concept of being alive. That is what all animals do too. So this does not exude from my mind. It is something I have not thought about before accepting. So let this point be as something worth considering because it is in our nature to reproduce ourselves.

Everybody is trying to make a living so money does look like an important goal to most of the people on this planet including myself. I am not thinking about money itself. I believe in the concept of money. Hundreds of years ago, our great-grandfathers invented money as a means of trade. It was a life changing concept. After inventing it, you just didn’t have to carry around your goods in order to trade them for something else. It was a concept unifying the way we as people traded with each other. Since our time is limited, we cannot produce everything on our own so dividing work is a must for us. Money changed it from the ground up. I see money as a means of unification. Money can be used to evaluate everything. Some like Bob Marley say, “money can’t buy love”. Although I fully agree with this statement, I think it can work the other way around. I say “love can buy money”. The love we have for doing something can be evaluated with money. Let’s say if somebody has a monthly salary of 10,000$ and comes up with a life changing idea to spend his life with, if he choses to continue the work, his idea is worth less than 10,000$ to him. He should know that. If something is utterly important for me I think I have to let everything else be and start working on my idea. And loving something I do will bring joy and finally maybe a financial gain much more than 10,000$.

I think life is something worth living. The problem is that I myself, say this loud and clear but mostly I, don’t act as mentioned myself. This is what the extraordinary successful people do different. When they come to a conclusion, they do it. In my eyes, life is not that complicated and we all know what we are made for and what we should be doing. We are just too afraid to do it. If we act, We will succeed. We are just not acting. I hope you all pray for me to start doing what I love. I am praying for you all too.

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Amin Akbari

As a software developer, I have learned to express myself to the world through the keys on my keyboard. Triptro is a safe heaven for me to write down my thoughts and share with the world, the small things I am learning during my trip through life.

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